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P0551 Dodge

Fix codes P0551, Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Dodge trucks

If you get a P0551 on a Chrysler vehicle, start by replacing the power steering pressure sensor. But don’t stop there!! When the old sensor fails, it can pump power steering fluid right into the electrical connector. From there, the fluid wicks its way up the harness and can get into the oxygen sensor harness. Then you’ve really got a mess on your hands. Get your hands on several cans of brake cleaner and try to degrease the harness to remove as much power steering fluid as possible. Some shops have resorted to notching the wires before the sensors. Strip off insulation about 1-in. Slide heat shrinkable tubing over the wire portion closest to the sensor to seal it off and prevent PS fluid from recontaminating. You want any excess PS fluid to drain out of the wire harness and not get reenter the connection.

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