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P0600 Mazda

Fix P0600 Mazda

Under certain conditions you may get a P0600 Mazda code and find that your Mazda doesn’t shift properly and is in “limp home” mode. In “Limp home” mode the throttle valve opening is limited to a fixed opening. The P0600 Mazda code can’t be cleared until the vehicle is out of limp home mode.

This may lead you to think you’ve got a serious problem with one of your computers. Mazda has issued a service bulletin 01-051/10  to address a P0600 Mazda code Serial Communication Link error on 2009-10 Mazda 6 vehicles.

P0600 Serial Communication Link error

When this code sets, you may also find P2101, P0140, or P0571 codes set.

This code can set if the battery voltage is low. This can be caused by letting the vehicle sit for long periods without running, leaving your lights on, or operating with a bad alternator. When the PCM detects low voltage, both the main and sub computers it shut down. If you jump start the car or charge the battery, the PCM will reboot and return to normal, but the sub computers will not. You do not have to take your car to a shop to reboot the sub computers and get rid of the P0600 Mazda code. Here’s how to reboot.

Record your radio stations because you will lose them in this process

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Depress the brake pedal for at least one full minute.

Check battery voltage and make sure it’s at least 12.5 volts. If not, recharge or replace the battery or correct the condition that drained the battery.

Reconnect the negative battery cable.

Enter your radio stations

Perform the power window initialization shown below to restore the power window functions.


Power window reset procedure Mazda

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