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P0641 Trouble Code GM vehicles

P0641 Trouble Code GM vehicles

Diagnose and Fix P0641 Trouble Code GM vehicles

GM has issued a service bulletin #P11067B to address a P0641 Trouble Code GM vehicle on the vehicles listed below. When the issue happens, the check engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) will come on, a Reduced Power Mode message will be displayed and a P0641 Poor Performance/Shifts trouble code will be stored.

Vehicles affected by service bulletin #P11067B:

2013-2017 Chevrolet Equinox Equipped with 3.6L Engine (RPO LFX)
2013-2017 GMC Terrain Equipped with 3.6L Engine (RPO LFX)

Cause of P0641 Trouble Code GM vehicles

GM has identified the cause of the P0641 to be a chaffed wire in the ECM wiring harness. The chaffing occurs because the ECM wiring harness is rubbing on the ECM bracket.

Inspect ECM wiring harness

Using the image here, locate the wire harness bundle from connector X1 at the ECM. Follow the harness down to where it might come into contact with the ECM bracket. Then examine the wiring harness for signs or rub through or chaffing. Repair any damaged wires and insulation using suitable materials. Then wrap the repair using woven polyester electrical tape and any other type of anti-abrasion tape.

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