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P0708 Kia

Fix code P0708 Kia

A monitoring switch is attached to the transmission where the shift cable attaches. This switch tells the computer what gear you selected. If the switch is out of adjustment, you will get

P0708 Kia

P0708 Transaxle range switch circuit malfunction (inhibitor switch) shorted; high voltage

Here’s how to adjust the switch to get the codes to go away

1) set the parking brake
2 Remove the air filter box assembly so you can access the transmission range switch.
3) Turn the key to the ON position, but do not start the vehicle. Move the shifter to the neutral position.
4) Align the alignment holes between the switch and the shift lever. Insert a 5mm drill bit into the adjustment hole to verify the proper alignment for the neutral position.
5) If the bit won’t fit, the switch is out of alignment. Loosen the bolts and move the switch until you can insert the drill bit. Tighten the bolts to 96 INCH/lbs.


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