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P1004, P2016, P2017 on a Ram Truck

Fix P1004, P2016, P2017 on a Ram truck with 5.7L engine

To help diagnose and fix trouble codes P1004, P2016, P2017 on a Ram truck, Chrysler has issued a technical service bulletin 18-003-10. The TSB applies to the following vehicles built before April 29, 2009:

2009 (DS) Ram Truck (1500)
2009 (DH) Ram Trucks (1500/2500)
2009 (DC) Cab Chassis (3500)

The problem appears as a check engine light with any or all of these trouble codes

P1004 – Short Runner Valve Control Performance
P2016 – Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor Circuit Low
P2017 – Intake Manifold Runner Position Sensor Circuit High

The cause is a short runner valve (SRV) wiring harness that’s too short, causing wear on the SRV and a loose electrical connection. To fix the problem, you must replace the SRV, the connector, wiring pigtail, and add a stud to secure a tie strap.

Get the complete kit #68064996AA Kit from the dealer. 68064996AA

The kit includes; 1 SRV wiring connector. 4 18 gauge wires
with terminals, 1 stud mount tie-strap, 4 splice crimps and
4 wire shrink wraps
1 J3693058 Tie-strap
24 tie-straps in one package
1 6509376AA Stud
1 53022137AF Valve, Short Runner
1 68065586AA Tape, High Abrasion
One roll of tape will service 6 vehicles
1 04318031 Adhesive, Lock and Seal – Mopar

To make the repair, follow these steps:
1. Remove the intake manifold. Cover the intake ports with a clean shop rag to prevent debris from entering the ports.
2. Remove the short runner valve (SRV).
3. Replace the short runner valve with #53022137AF. Insert the new SRV stud supplied with kit into the hole located on the right side of the intake manifold. Install the 2 remaining remaining bolts on other locations. Discard the third bolt from the original SRV
4. Torque the bolts to 5 Nm (44 in-lb).
6. Cut off the SRV connector approximately 2-in. down from the end of the SRV.
7. Splice in the new wires from the kit. Shrink wrap after making the splice.
8. Install the new SRV Connector from the wiring kit
9. Then wrap all exposed wiring with high abrasion tape p/n 68065586AA.
10. Install the new stud mount approx. 4 inches from the SRV connector
11. Connect the stud mount tie-strap to stud.
12. Install the intake manifold.

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