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P1285, P1299, P0128

P1285, P1299, P0128 Mazda Tribute

P1285 (Cylinder Head Over Temperature Condition)
P1299 (Cylinder Head Over Temperature Protection Active)
P0128 (Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature)

If you own a Mazda Tribute and have a check engine light with any of these codes; P1285, P1299, P0128, read this post. Mazda has issued a service bulletin No: 01-025/11 to address a corrosion issue that can cause these codes. This bulletin applies to all 2009-10 Mazda Tribute vehicles with the 2.5 L engine. After checking the trouble codes and confirming that the actual engine temperature and thermostat operation is normal, check the following:

Inspect the electrical connector at the cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor for evidence of water contamination. If you find corrosion, you may be able to fix the problem as follows:

Clean off any water and thoroughly clean the electrical connector and the
CHT sensor. Then apply Mazda Electrical Grease. This grease is designed to withstand high underhood temperatures which other types of grease may not be able to withstand.electrical grease

However, if the corrosion has damaged the electrical connector beyond repair and the terminals are rusted or have disintegrated, cut off the electrical connector and splice in a new pigtail, part # ZZ1A-67-SH1 Pigtail Connector Kit. Replace the pigtail and sensor and apply the electrical grease.

0000-77-XG12 Mazda Electrical Grease
1FAA-18-707A Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor

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