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P1456 Honda CRV

Fix trouble code P1456 Honda CRV

If you have a code P1456 Honda CRV, read this  TSB #04-002. It covers a problem with the fuel cap and fuel filler neck on all 2002 and some 2003 & 2004 CRV’s. The TSB also covers all 2002 S2000 vehicles and some 2002-04 Insight vehicles. The P1456 Honda CRV problem has been traced to a binding fuel filler cap that does not seat properly and allows leakage when the vehicle is conducted an EVAP test. The fix involves replacing the fuel filler pipe and the cap. To test, remove the fuel filler cap. Then reinsert it and tighten. The cap should turn without any resistance until the O ring on the cap touches the filler pipe. If the cap binds or drags, you must replace the following parts:

2002-04 CRV #17660-S9A-A01, H/C 6887210
2002-03 S2000 #17660-S2A-31, H/C 623285
2002-04 Insight #17660-S3Y-A01, H/C 6436919

Procedure for the CRV and S2000: Remove the fuel fill pipe attachment nuts inside the fuel door area. Disconnect the fuel fill pipe from the hose at the tank. Install the new filler tube and use the original clamps and nuts. Make sure the new fill tube is seated properly.

Procedure for the Insight: Remove the trunk lining and the cargo box. Remove the right trunk side bulkhead and the right side trunk shelf support. Remove the middle floor pan. Remove the battery inner ducts and the fuel fill tube grommet. Slide the fuel fill tube grommet upwards, then disconnect the fuel fill tube hoses. Remove the fuel fill tube bracket bolt and the three fuel fill tube flange nuts. Install the new tube with the original nuts and bolts. Install the tube to the hose with the original clamps.


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