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P1456 Honda

P1456 Honda

If you own a Honda and have a check engine light along with trouble code P1456, read this service bulletin #04-002. Honda has issued a service bulletin to address a P1456 trouble code on the vehicles listed below:

Honda CRV 2WD 2002 ALL
Honda CRV 2WD 2003 Japan built- ALL VINs beginning with JHL
Honda CRV 2WD 2003 England built- from VIN SHSRD6…3U100001 thru SHSRD6….3U100161
Honda CRV 2WD 2004 from VIN JHLRD6…4C000001 thru JHLRD6…..4C018521

Honda CRV 4WD 2002 ALL
Honda CRV 4WD 2003 Japan built- ALL VINs beginning with JHL
Honda CRV 4WD 2003 England built- from VIN SHSRD7…3U100001 thru SHSRD7….3U100161
Honda CRV 4WD 2004 from VIN JHLRD7…4C000001 thru JHLRD7…..4C018521

Honda S2000 2002 ALL
Honda S2000 2003 from VIN JHMAP1…3T000001 thru JHMAP1…3T007688
Honda Insight 2002-03 ALL
Honda Insight 2004 from VIN JHMZE1…4T000001 thru JHMZE1…4T000003

Honda has discovered a faulty fuel filler pipe on these vehicles that prevents a good fuel cap seating which results in an evaporative emissions leak and test failure. Test by removing fuel cap. Then reinsert it and tighten. The cap should turn without resistance until the O-ring touches the fuel filler pipe. If the cap turns freely, this bulletin doesn’t apply. However, if the cap binds or drags, replace the fuel filler pipe with the parts listed below. Then conduct a complete evaporative emissions test with a proper smoke machine.

Fuel fill pipe part numbers
2002-04 CRV 17660-S9A-A01, H/C 6887210
2002-03 S2000 17660-S2A-A31, H/C 6232854
2002-04 Insight 17660-S3Y-A01, H/C 6436919

If you have the work done at a shop, Honda labor guide shows
.8hrs labor for the 2002-04 CRV
.4hrs labor for the 2002-03 S2000
.8hrs labor for the 2002-04 Insight.

However, keep in mind that factory labor rates are usually much lower than the labor for independent shops. The difference reflect the extra time needed to deal with rusted fasteners that are common as the vehicle ages and is out of warranty.

The bulletin also states that Honda may be willing to extend goodwill consideration for the repair if done at a Honda dealer. The dealer must request goodwill approval from the zone manager.

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