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P154A Honda Fit and Honda HR-V

Diagnose and fix P154A Honda Fit

Honda has issued a service bulletin #16-026 to address a P154A Honda Fit charging light on for the vehicles listed below. Honda has determined the cause to be an internal failure in the battery sensor and has issued a replacement sensor.

Vehicles affected by Honda service bulletin #16-026

2015 Honda Fit  ALL trims All Vins
2016 Honda Fit All trims, VIN: 3HGGKS…GM7000001 thru 3HGGK5_ M701651
2016 HR-V 2WD VIN: 3CZRUB._GM7000001 thru SCZRUE_GM716111
2016 HR-V 4WD 3CZRL/6._GM7000001 thru 3CZRU6_014719915

Repair P154A Honda Fit and Honda HR-V

1)  If P154A trouble code is present, disconnect the electrical connector at the battery sensor. Using a multimeter, check the voltage between pins 1 and 2. You should see full battery voltage. If you do, proceed to replace the sensor. If not, this bulletin doesn’t apply.

2) With the battery sensor connector removed, disconnect the negative battery cable from the sensor. Then remove the sensor terminal from the battery negative post.

3)  Reverse to install the replacement sensor

38920-T5A-A02 Honda Battery Sensor

Honda battery sensor replacement part number38920-T5A-A02


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