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P1621, P1622 Chrysler Oxygen sensor

Fix P1621 P1622 Chrysler oxygen sensor code

Chrysler has issued a service bulletin #18-039-13 to address a P1621, P1622 Chrysler oxygen sensor code on the vehicle listed below:

2014 (LC) Challenger

2014 (LX) 300

2014 (LD) Charger

Do NOT replace oxygen sensor to fix the P1621, P1622 Chrysler trouble code!

The P1622 code translates as O2 Sensor Reference Voltage Circuit Low and the

P1622 Sensor Reference Voltage Circuit High oxygen sensor

Chrysler has identified a SOFTWARE flaw that can cause these codes to set even though the oxygen sensors are performing normally. The fix is a reflash with updated software.

If you replace the oxygen sensors, the codes with reoccur.

Get the software update to fix P1621, P1622 Chrysler oxygen sensor code

Chrysler dealers and some independent repair shop can perform the software update. This service bulletin is NOT a recall, so you will have to pay for the update. Expect to pay approximately $150 to $225 for the update.

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