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P1693, P0122 Cummins

Fix codes P1693, P0122 on Dodge Cummins 5.9L engine

P0122 P1693 APPS or throttle, P0122- Low voltage at APPS

Shops are reporting code P1693, P0122 issues when replacing the accelerator pedal position sensors (APPS) on Dodge vehicles with the 5.9L engine. The APPS must be adjusted properly to achieve a reading of .59-.65 volts on the light blue wire with a black tracer. Dodge APPSTo do that simply loosen the torx screws and move the app until you get that voltage with the Key on engine off (KOEO). Then tighten the torx screws.

If the P1693, P0122 codes return, then you’ve got a connection problem. This can be common after replacing the APPS. Remove the connector from the APPS and inspect the pins and wiring for breaks or corrosion. With KOEO wiggle the connector and check for voltage on pin #3, the same one you measured voltage on before. If you don’t get the expected voltage you may have to trace back to the ECM.

At the ECM this wire is located at pin 25 in the 50 pin connector. If you’re using a diagram, they call it TPS instead of APPS. This wire also goes through a connector C125, that’s located on above the fuel filter on the firewall.

Some shops have reported that removing the pin from the connector at the APPS and treating it with Stabillant 22 fixes the problem.

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