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P1762 Dodge Durango

Fix code P1762 Dodge Durango

If you own a Dodge Durango and have a P1762 trouble code Gov Press Sen Offset Volts Too Low or high, you may be tempted to throw in a new sensor. Whoa partner! Before you do that, check the downstream oxygen sensor (the one AFTER the catalytic converter). That sensor has a heater in it and if the heater shorts to voltage, it’ll feed back into the Powertrain Control Module and bleed over to the governor pressure circuit. That’ll trick you into thinking the governor sensor is at fault. You’ll replace it and STILL have the trouble code.

Start by checking the power and ground to the downstream oxygen sensor (key on, engine off). If that checks out, then check the voltage to the governor pressure sensor. It should be 0.45-0.7 volts. If the reading is outside that range, check the readings on the transmission temperature sensor. If that’s good and the grounds check out ok, THEN replace the governor pressure sensor.


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