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P2111, P2112 low idle speed, idle speed changes

Fix P2111, P2112 low idle speed, idle speed changes

Ford has issued a service bulletin 10-21-6 to address a P2111, P2112 low idle speed, idle speed changes issue on the vehicles/engines/build dates listed below. P2111 THROTTLE ACTUATOR CONTROL (TAC) SYSTEM – STUCK OPEN and P2112 THROTTLE ACTUATOR CONTROL (TAC) SYSTEM – STUCK CLOSED refer to the electronically controlled throttle body.

In addition to the check engine light and trouble 7T4Z-9E926-FA electronic throttle bodycodes P2111 or P2111, you may also notice a low idle speed or an idle speed that fluctuates without driver input.

To fix the problem, replace the faulty electronic throttle body, called an throttle actuator control (TAC) and has issued redesigned part numbers:

7T4Z-9E926-FA Electronic Throttle
8S4Z-9E926-B Electronic Throttle

Vehicles Affected by Ford TSB 10-21-6

2010-2011 Focus
2010-2011 Fusion
2010-2011 Taurus
2010 E-150
2010 E-250
2010 Edge
2010 F-150
2010-2011 Flex
2010-2011 Lincoln MKS
2010-2011 Lincoln MKZ
2010 Lincoln MKX
2010-2011 Lincoln MKT

Engines affected:

2.0L with build dates: 2/11/2010 through 8/2/2010
3.5L and 3.7L with build dates 3/1/2010 through 8/3/2010
4.6L 2V with build dates 5/7/2010 throug 8/2/2010

Ford throttle body extended warranty

The repair above may be covered by an extended warranty. See Ford Service Campaign 13N03

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