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P2111 P2112

Fix code P2111 P2112, Low idle speed, idle speed fluctuates

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) #10-21-6 to address problems with idling and trouble codes P2111 P2112 on the vehicles listed below.

2010-11 Focus, Fusion, Taurus
2010 E-150, E-250, Edge, F-150
2010-2011 Flex

2010-2011 MKS, MKZ
2010 MKX
2010-2011 MKT

Equipped with the following engines:

2.0L, 3.5L (excluding GTDI),
3.7L and 4.6L 2V,

These engines may trip a check engine lights with trouble codes P2111, P2112, or the idle speed may stay lower than normal or fluctuate. The problem can be steady or intermittent.

The fix depends on the vehicle’s build date that can be found on the engine identification label.

Replace the throttle body if you have the engines shown below with the following build dates:

2.0L Build date between 2/11/2010 and 8/2/2010
3.5L and 3.7L Build date between 3/1/2010 and 8/3/2010
4.6L 2V Build date between 5/7/2010 and 8/2/2010

Contact your Ford dealer for the updated throttle body.

If engine build date is not within range shown, the problem is NOT with the throttle body. Continue with normal diagnostics for this type of idle problem.


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