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P2138 fix on GM and Saab vehicles

Fix code P2138 fix on GM and Saab vehicles

GM has issued a technical service bulletin #07-06-04-019D to deal with a P2138 trouble code on 2005-2011 GM cars and light trucks, 2005-09 Hummer, and 2005-09 Saab 9-7X vehicles.accelerator position sensor, P2138, position transducer

Water intrusion in the instrument panel to body harness connector may set off this trouble code. The accelerator pedal position (APP) signal runs through this harness. To fix the problem, locate the IP-t0-body harness near the left hand kick panel. If you find water in the connector, you’ve located the problem with the APP signal. Repair any corrosion and then fix the leak. Check the A-pillar seals, windshield cowling, and sunroof drains

To learn more about what conditions set this code, click on this article P2138 Definition

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