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P2195 car stalls after cold start

Fix codes P2195 car stalls after cold start

Lack of O2 sensor switches, Bank1, Ford Focus

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 04-21-13 to address DTC P2195, car stalls after cold start. Lack of O2 sensor switches, Bank1, on 2003-04 Ford Focus vehicles with the 2.0L SPI (split port induction-single overhead cam) engine. The symptoms occur in extremely cold weather (-4°F) or lower and exhibits as a stall at idle while warming up and the check engine light is lit. The problem may be caused by the PCV valve. Inside the valve is a tapered pintle. The pintle allows crankcase gases to be sucked out of the crankcase and into the engine to burn. On a backfire, the pintle seals off the opening to prevent fire from reaching the crankcase and damaging it. In this case, the cold weather and condensation freeze the pintle in the full flow position, allowing too much crankcase venting at cold startup. The fix involves replacing the current PCV valve with a revised heated valve part # 0421131

Heated PCV valve 0421131

New style heated PCV valve


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