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P2646 Honda CRV

Fix code P2646 Honda CRV

A P2646 trouble code on a Honda CRV with the 2.4L engine may be caused by the variable timing/lift control (VTEC) pressure switch. The trouble code will set if the VTEC pressure switch doesn’t open and the voltage stays low. Here’s how to troubleshoot the problem.
First, make sure the oil level and grade is correct. If the oil is low, add more oil before continuing. Next, locate the VTEC switch on the passenger back corner of the cylinder head. With the key on, but engine off, unplug the electrical connector and connect a digital multimeter. You’re checking for 10-12 volts on the blue/black wire. If so, the switch is getting power. The VTEC switch is used to notify the PCM that the engine is producing enough oil pressure to operate the variable valve timing mechanism. So, if your test shows the proper voltage, replace the VTEC switch.

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