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Porsche, Oldsmobile and Mercury Drivers cause more fatal accident

Porsche, Oldsmobile and Mercury Drivers are Most Likely to Cause A Fatal Accident, ValuePenguin Study Finds

A recent ValuePenguin.com study discovered that drivers of Porsches, Oldsmobiles and Mercury cars are 12% more likely than the national average to cause a fatal traffic accident.

ValuePenguin.com analyzed thousands of fatal crash data points from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and here are the key findings from this analysis:

Porsche Drivers Are Most Likely to Cause a Fatal Accident: Porsche drivers were the most likely to contribute to a fatal accident. In an analysis of fatal accidents involving Porsche vehicles, more than 70% were caused by driver error.

Oldsmobile and Mercury Rank Surprisingly High: Oldsmobile and Mercury vehicle owners rank 2nd and 3rd as most likely to cause a fatal accident.

Safest Drivers On the Roads Own These Cars:

Volvo drivers are least likely to contribute to fatal traffic accidents, followed by Kia drivers. Volvo drivers also had the lowest rate of accidents involving alcohol—only 6.9% of fatal accidents for Volvo drivers, which is less than half of what we found to be the average of 17.2%.

The Leading Cause of Fatal Crashes For Each Car Type:

Speeding and alcohol are the top two driver behaviors that lead to fatal car crashes, and Porsche and Jaguar drivers are most likely to contribute to the cause of fatal accidents due to these behaviors.

Oldsmobile drivers were most likely to cause fatal crashes due to improper lane usage and failure to yield right of way.

To view the full report, visit:  https://www.valuepenguin.com/auto-insurance/most-dangerous-drivers-car-type

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