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Portable jump starter pack

Portable jump starter packs  powered by a Lithium battery

Lots of companies now make a portable jump starter pack using a lithium battery. Beware! Most are just overpriced cell phone battery packs with alligator clips attached. They don’t have the protective circuitry needed to handle jump starting a car.

Here are the issues. There are basically four Lithium-ion chemistries. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Some will recharge faster, but overhead when discharged rapidly (like when jump starting a car). Others will handle a fast deep discharge but require a slow recharge. All are sensitive to high voltages when charging. And all are VERY sensitive to reverse polarity.

Here’s what that means to you. The second you attach the cables to the disabled car, the lithium battery begins to discharge as it charges up the dead battery. Then you get in the car and turn the key. The current draw of 100-amps puts the battery at full discharge rate. Some of the cell phone battery packs have burst into flames at this point.

Then, if the car starts and the alternator kicks in, the jumper pack can receive almost 16-volts, far above it’s threshold of 14 volts. So once again, the pack is at risk of overheating.

The worst scenario however, is hooking up the clamps in reverse polarity. That’ll short out the pack and start a fire pronto.

Clore Automotive has made jumper packs for decades. Their professional packs are made with specially designed lead acid batteries. Clore has been very cautious about getting into the lithium jumper pack market until they were sure they had the right lithium chemistry and the right circuitry protection. Now they’re introduced the CHARGE IT! PP15 15000mAh Lithium Micro Jump Starter

Here are the safety features:

• Reverse Polarity Protection

• Backfeed Protection

• Overheat Protection

• Over Voltage Protection

• Under Voltage Protection

• Short Circuit Protection

• Proper Connection Verification

• Low Voltage Override

The CHARGE IT! PP15 can be used to jump start vehicles from motorsports equipment, personal watercraft and ATVs to cars, trucks and SUVs. Delivering 400 Peak Amps and 270 Cranking Amps of starting power, it is powerful enough to start most 4 and 6-cylinder passenger vehicles.

The CHARGE IT! PP15 pack is small and lightweight (3.3-lbs) and stays charged much longer than a traditional lead-acid style pack. It comes with charging adapters and a USB port to charge your phone or tablet. Or, you can buy the optional PPA17 19V laptop charging kit and use the pack to charge your computer.

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CHARGEIT! PP15 lithium jump starter pack

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Lithium jump starter pack also includes adapters to charge your phone or tablet

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