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Power door lock actuator Ford

Door lock actuator doesn’t work on Ford

The power door lock actuator in a Ford vehicle can fail. When it does, you must replace it; there’s no way to repair it. The actuator is designed to slide onto two rails built into the latch. The power door lock actuator slides onto the rails and snaps into potion to lock itself in place.

To remove the power door lock actuator, place the window glass in the full up position so it won’t be in the way of the latch. Next, remove the door trim panel and vapor barrier to gain access to the interior of the door.
power door lock actuatorpower door lock actuator

Then remove the screws holding the latch assembly to the door. Disconnect the door ajar switch electrical connector from the latch assembly. Use a flat blade screwdriver to lift the locking tab up and slide the power door lock actuator off the latch. Slide the new power door lock actuator onto the latch and finish by reinstalling the door ajar switch electrical connector. Reinstall the latch and tighten the screws to spec.

Ford power door locks seem to have a limited life span and once one dies, the others will follow soon. So be prepared to replace all of them.

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Dorman Products makes aftermarket replacement power door lock actuators that are less pricey than the Ford units

Dorman part #746-148 Fits Front and Rear Left Ford 2010-98, Lincoln 2010-03, Mazda 2009-99, Mercury 2009-99

Dorman part # 746-149 Fits Front and Rear Right Ford 2010-98, Lincoln 2010-03, Mazda 2009-99, Mercury 2009-99

It’s a direct replacement for these Ford and Mazda OEM part numbers

1F7058360 MAZDA
1F8058360 MAZDA

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