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Power steering problems Malibu

Fix power steering problems Malibu

Power steering problems under heavy acceleration, B1325, C0900, no power steering at high RPM, Chevrolet Malibu and Malibu Maxx, TSB PIC4127D

GM has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) PIC4127D to address a problem with a loss of power steering at high engine RPMs. The problem occurs on 2004-07 Chevrolet Malibu and Malibu Maxx vehicles.

GM has discovered that at wide open throttle, you may experience a loss of power steering, instrument cluster blinking, and trouble codes B1325 and C0900. This condition happens when system voltage exceeds 16 volts for at least 1-sec. That sets code C0900. The system is designed to shut down the electric steering to prevent damage from over-voltage. If the high voltage reaches 18-volts for at least 5-secsonds, other electric systems shut down to prevent damage. This sets trouble code B1325 to protect it from over voltage operation.

Start diagnosis by operating the vehicle at wide open throttle while checking voltage. If voltage exceeds 16-volts, check the voltage drop on the circuit #2 from the generator to the starter. Voltage drop should not exceed 1-volt. If it does, check for excessive resistance or poor electrical connections at the generator or starter terminals. If you decide to rewire and use new terminals, be sure to include the proper fusible link. If the voltage drop is less that 1-volt, the problem lies in the voltage regulator. Replace the regulator with part 25854910 and pigtail connector 89046837. Seal the splice to resist water intrusion. Take care in removing the old regulator cover. It is fragile and you must reuse it.

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