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Prefill engine oil filter

Prefill engine oil filter — pros and cons

Why prefill engine oil filter?

When you install a dry oil filter, it takes a prefill engine oil filterfew seconds for the oil pump to fill the filter enough for the engine to build oil pressure. That’s a period of time when the engine isn’t getting minimum oil pressure, and that has the potential to cause wear.

Pros of prefilling engine oil filter

Prefilling the oil filter reduces the time it takes to achieve full engine oil pressure. That has the potential to reduce cold startup engine wear.

Cons of prefilling engine oil filter

On a side mount filter or angle mount filter, the oil will run out and make a huge mess. On an upside down mount filter, you can make an even bigger mess as the oil runs out.

oil filter mounting

How to prefill an engine oil filter

1) Leave the oil filter in the box
2) Remove the foil seal on the oil bottle and slowly pour oil into the filter. Let is soak into the filter media. Then top it off.
3) Wipe fresh oil on the O-ring. Then install the filter and tighten per specs.

How to pre-fill a sideways or upside down oil filter

On these filters, you can only soak the media rather than trying to fill the entire filter

1) Fill the oil filter about half full and wait until the oil soaks into the media.

2) Turn the filter sideways and roll it around until the excess oil soaks into the top portion of the filter media.

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