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Fix leaking Quadrajet carburetor

The Quadrajet carburetor suffers from a fuel leaking problem. During manufacturing, GM drilled holes in the bottom of the bowl and plugged them with brass plugs. Over time, these plugs leak and leakage from the secondary metering well plugs are the most common Quadrajet carburetor failure. To fix the problem, pick up a Quadrajet carburetor plug repair kit at NAPA or a carb specialty shop (See attached photo). The kit contains aluminum plugs with rubber O-rings to seal the openings. It also comes with a die-cut foam pad that sits in the throttle body section of the carb and applies pressure to the new plugs to keep them in place.

Remove the carb from the vehicle and separate the throttle body from the bowl. If you find fuel in the area under the plugs, you’ve found your flooding problem. Remove the old plugs and install the new ones.

For a photo of the carb showing the plugs, click here
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