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Ram air suspension system manual deflate

How to manually deflate the Ram air suspension system

The Ram air suspension system operates on high pressure air, up to 220-psi. so you must be manually deflate the Ram air suspension system prior to disconnecting any air components. In addition, the system must be disabled before any service or hoisting.

Manually disable the air suspension system

Disable the Ram air suspension by pressing the “Up” and “Down” switches simultaneously for more than 5 seconds. The air suspension system will return to normal operation when the vehicle speed reaches 25 kph (15 mph).

Tools needed to service the air suspension

Before you manually deflate the system, be aware that you’ll need the Mopar 10247BMopar 10247B and a nitrogen supply tank to refill the system. Obtain the tank and nitrogen from a local supplier (nitrogen must be Purity Class 5 (99.999% pure).

Steps to manually deflate suspension system

Turn the IGN key to ON

Place the air suspension system in PARK or ENTRY/EXIT Mode, and turn the IGN key to OFF
Locate the fill fitting on the right hand side of the air suspension reservoir (located underneath the pickup box)
Remove the right rear (passenger side) wheel inner liner to gain access to the reservoir.
Remove the reservoir fill connection cap
Make sure the valve is closed on the Air Suspension Refill Tool – 10247B. Then connect the quick coupler to the air suspension reservoir fill port. Then slowly open the valve by turning clockwise to vent the pressure from the reservoir.

You may then service the system.

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