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Rav4 no start

Fix a Rav4 that won’t start

Shops are reporting issues with a Rav4 no start. The problem is usually intermittent. The Rav4 no start may work find one day and not start the next. The engine will crank but not start and it’s usually due to no fuel at the fuel injectors.

To diagnose this Rav4 no start condition, start by checking the condition of the EFI 20A fuse in the underhood fuse box. This fuse provides power to the EFI relay located in the junction box under the left side of the dash. starter relayIf the fuse is good, yank the EFI relay and check the condition of the relay contacts. If they’re corroded, clean them. Then test for battery voltage, key ON at terminal 5 of the relay socket. Next, check for battery voltage at terminal 1 of the relay socket. If you have power at both, check for ground on terminal 2 in the socket while cranking. If you see ground, then the power feeds and relay control coil circuits are working fine. toyota relay

Next, replace the relay. Shops have reported corroded contacts and bad relays as the cause of the problem.

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