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Rear differential leak – Ford

How to fix a Rear differential leak – Ford

Ford has issued a service bulletin to address rear differential leak problem on the following vehicles equipped with the 3.5L direct injected, turbocharged engine and AWD. The problem appears as a rear differential leak.

2011 Mercury Milan & Mariner
2011-12 Ford Fusion & Escape and Lincoln MKZ
2011-13 Ford Taurus, Edge, Explorer & Flex, and Lincoln MKS, MKT & MKX

The leak is most apparent in colder temperatures (32°F and below). The problem is caused by a stuck-open vent valve in the rear differential cap. Ford has redesigned the vent valve and issued a new part number to solve the problem (DB5Z-4022-A). Obtain the new valve from any Ford dealer and install it. That’ll eliminate the rear differential leak problem

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