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Remove a rusted wheel

Remove a rusted wheel

If you have a flat tire and have to remove a rusted wheel, here’s how to remove it.

Having to remove a rusted wheel happens more often than you think. Whether you own a vehicle with steel wheels or aluminum alloys, once it rusts (corrodes) to the wheel hub, it’s pretty much rusted on your car. Here’s the way to remove a wheel that’s rusted on your car.

What you need to remove a rusted wheel

1) Rust penetrant (not WD-40)
2) Maul or sledge hammer
3) Scrap piece of 2×4
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Start by soaking the rusted wheel with rust penetrant

Remove the wheel cover or hub cap (if equipped). Then spray rust penetrant between the wheel stud and the wheel at each stud. Really pump in the spray. You want it to wick behind the wheel and flow down. stuck wheel, wheel stuck on car, how to remove stuck wheel I prefer Liquid Wrench, PB Blaster, or FreezeOFF. I haven’t tried the new WD-40 Rust Specialist, but WD-40 tells me that product IS designed to break up rust.

Then spray all around the area where the wheel meets the center hub. stuck wheel, stuck rim, wheel rusted to car, remove stuck wheelLet it soak for about 15-mins. Then rotate the wheel 180 degrees and repeat the application.

Remove the rusted wheel with hammer blows

Then place a block of wood against the outer edge of the rim and smack it with a maul. Rotate the wheel 1/4 –turn after each hit. Continue hitting until it breaks loose.


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