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Remove oxygen sensor with special socket

Remove oxygen sensor with special socket

Oxygen sensors can be located in really tight spots. Remove oxygen sensor with special socket. If you’re replacing a KD 41720, oxygen sensor socket, oil sending unitbad sensor, you can cut off the wire and use a deep socket to remove it. But that doesn’t always work since some sensors are really tall. Even if you can get it out with a deep socket, there’s no way you can install the new one that way—the wire will be in the way. You can buy a single oxygen sensor socket, but until you actually get down under your vehicle you won’t know how much maneuvering room you’ve got. That’s where this kit comes in. The 8-piece set covers all the bases so you can remove and replace any oxygen sensor you encounter. The sockets also work with oil pressure sending units, vacuum sensors, and vacuum ports. Yeah, the set is $45 but it’ll pay back several times, especially if you own a few vehicles. Trust me, wrestling out a rusted oxygen sensor with the wrong tools is NO fun.

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