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Remove stuck brake drum

How to remove a stuck brake drum

I often see auto forum members ask how to remove a stuck brake drum. Here’s a sure-fire method for getting it off the hub. Shoot Liquid Wrench or PB Blaster rust penetrant (not WD-40) into the openings around the wheel studs. Next, spray around the area where the brake ddrum meets the hub. Rotate the brake drum so the penetrant runs down between the drum and hub. Then shoot it again. Walk away for 15-mins. When you return, spray it one more time. Then take a hammer and tap (not pound) all around the flat areas next to the studs. Continue tapping for at least 1-min. all around those flat areas. You’re trying to set up vibrations that’ll break the rust loose. Then tap the outer edge of the brake drumr with a hammer. It should pop off.
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