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Remove stuck oil drain bolt

Easiest way to remove a stuck oil drain bolt

The best way to remove a stuck oil drain bolt is to realize your present method isn’t working and stop before you strip the bolt head. Hopefully, that’s where you are right now. Next, head off the a tool store to buy a 6-point box end wrench and a soft blow hammer. You’ll use the 6-point wrench instead of a socket and ratchet because it’s less likely to strip the oil drain bolt.

combination wrench

Why does a 6-point box end wrench not strip the oil drain bolt?

Two reasons: 1) The wrench is in the same plane as the oil drain bolt. When you use a socket and ratchet, you move the plane or toque away from the bolt head by the height of the socket. 2) A 6-point wrench or socket won’t strip the corners off the bolt like a 12-point socket or wrench.

Remove the oil drain bolt

Apply the wrench to the oil drain bolt head and strike the opposite end of the wrench with a dead blow hammer. This always works.

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