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Repair stripped oil drain plug

How to fix a stripped oil drain plug

You’ll find lots of options for dealing with a

stripped oil drain plug fixes

Universal oil drain plugs

stripped oil drain plug. Most of the universal adapter plugs don’t work, or work but eventually leak. Some people suggest using a Helicoil insert. Those usually leak over time because the sealer breaks down and the coil wicks the oil out. There are only two ways to permanently fix a stripped drain plug; replace the oil pan or idamaged oil pan threadsnstall a drain plug insert.


Replacing the oil pan requires lifting the engine to gain access to the oil pan bolts. The typical cost for replacing an oil pan ranges from $500 to as much as $1,000. However, installing an insert runs about $200 to $300.

What is an oil drain plug insert?

An insert isn’t like a wound spool of wire like a Helicoil. It s a solid insert that threads into the oil pan and has internal threads for the new oil drain plug. They’re made by Timesert.com. Timersert makes all kinds of inserts for stripped spark plugs, oil drain plugs, and engine drain plugs.

The kit contains a drill bit to oversize the existing oil drain hole, a counter-bore seat cutter to recess the insert into the pan, a tap to cut new threads for the insert, and the insert/tap guide installation tool.Timesert oil drain plug kit

Timesert oil drain plug kit

Steps to installing a Timesert oil drain plug replacement

Step 1: Using a standard tap holder tool, use the Timesert drill bit from the kit to cut the existing hole larger. Fill the drill flutes with grease to capture the metal fragments.

Step 2: Insert the counter-bore tool into the tap holder tool and cut a recess into the oil pan. Remove any metal chips from the newly bored hole.

Step 3: Insert the tap into the tap holder. Lubricate the threads and insert the tap into the tap guide. That will help the tap go in straight. Tap new threads. Remove the tap and clean out any metal chips.

Step 4: Screw the insert into the new threads. Then use the driver tool to run the insert all the way in until it seats in the counter-bored hole.

Timesert Installed

Timesert Installed

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