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Replace a car door hinge pin

How to replace a car door hinge pin

A worn car door hinge pin will cause your door to sag and no longer line up with the door strike. If you’ve neglected hinge lubrication, you’ll wind up with a worn car door hinge pin. You can replace the car door hinge pin and bushings yourself with a hinge spring compressor tool.

Purchase a car door hinge spring compressor, hinge pins, and bushings

Some auto parts stores sell replacement hinge pins and bushings. If you can’t find the parts for your vehicle, try these online suppliers

clipsandfasteners.com replacment hinge pins

Use the door spring compressor tool to compress the spring

Support the weight of the door using a floor jack. Then open the compressor tool jaws and locate them on the spring coils. Tighten the compressor’s center bolt to compress the spring. Then use a hammer and punch to drive the old hinge pin up and out. Use the same technique to drive out the old pin bushings.

Tap the new bushings into the hinge using a hammer. Then reinsert the compressed spring and slide the new hinge pin into position. If the hinge pin is serrated, tap into place. Otherwise. install the “E” clips to secure it.

Replace car door hinge pin

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