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Replace Blower Motor Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country

Trick to Replace Blower Motor Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country

If you need to replace blower motor on Caravan, Voyager, or Town and Country van, this make save you some time. Replacing the blower motor on a newer Dodge Caravan/Voyager can be a real bearcat. You’ll be tempted to call the designing engineer at home and make him come out in the dead of night to do the job. The labor guide calls for 3.5 hours to get the old one out and install the new one. The maddening part of this is that it all comes down to one screw that you cannot get to from under the dash. The shop manual calls for you to unbolt the entire dash and tilt it out enough so you can get to that screw.

HERE’s the TIP. Forget about pulling the dash. Go into the engine compartment and find the screws that hold the entire heater assembly in place. Loosen those screws and the wedge the heater assembly out far enough to reach that hidden screw. Then you can replace the motor, install the recirculation mechanism, and re-tighten the screws under the hood.

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