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Replace Ford Wiper Motor

Tips to replace Ford wiper motor

Due to a lack of space under the hood, Ford has radically changed the way their windshield wiper systems work. In the past, carmakers used a single wiper motor connected to the linkage that operated both wipers. The linkage took up a lot of space. Starting with the 2013 Escape and Fusion, Ford changed the design and now uses two DC direct-drive motors that allows them to eliminate the linkage completely. However, since both wipers must operate in sync, there’s a special procedure you must follow when you replace Ford wiper motor.

How the Ford wiper motor works

Each motor is a direct-drive reversible motor with an encoder to tell exactly where the motor is in the cycle so it can report the wiper arm position to the controlling motor.

The wiper switch communications with the body control module (BCM) to initiate wiper operation. The BCM shares information with other vehicle modules so it knows the vehicle’s speed, rain sensor condition (if equipped), and whether the vehicle headlights are on.

The driver’s side motor is considered the primary motor and coordinates the operation of both the left and right sides using a data link from the primary to the passenger side motor. Since the motors aren’t mechanically linked, you can move wither wiper arm when the vehicle is off. But that can throw off the synchronization, so be aware that a special procedure is required when servicing these wiper motors.

Lock the motors before you replace Ford wiper motor

To lock the motors, cycle the wipers one complete cycle and let them go into the park position. Then turn off the wipers while leaving the ignition ON. That puts the wipers into the locked position. The locked position will remain for 5-minutes until the vehicle goes into battery saver mode.

During the five minute period, mark the wiper arm positions. Factory windows come with pre-applied marks. If you’re working on an aftermarket windshield, mark the positons noting that the driver’s wiper arm will always be positioned above the passenger side. Once you remove the wiper arms, you can turn the IGN off. Reinstall the wiper arms in exactly the same position.

Relearn wiper motor

If the motors lose their synchronization, you must perform a relearn procedure using a scan tool.

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