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Replace Mazda seat heater switch

How to replace a Mazda seat heater switch

You’ll have to buy a replacement Mazda seat heater switch from the dealer. You can find some dealers selling the part at a discount on the Internet. Mine cost about $25.

You’ll have to remove the trim panels on each side of the console and the best tool for that is a nylon pry bar.

Remove console trim on both sides of console

Jam the nylon pry bar between the side trim and the console until a snap pops apart. Then move the pry bar along the trim until you’ve unsnapped all the snaps.

remove mazda console trim

Remove the other side

remove driver's side console trim mazda
Pry up the center trim with the pry bar
pry up mazda console trim
Unhook the electrical connector to the Mazda seat heater switch
disconnect mazda seat heater switch electrical connector
Squeeze the plastic spring tabs under the trim and pull out the old Mazda seat heater switch

replace mazda seat heater switch


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