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Replacement Fuel line kits for Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks

S.U.R & R  announces 4 fuel line replacement kits for Chevrolet and GMC trucks

Instead of fabricating a replacement fuel line, save time and

replacement fuel line kit

replacement fuel line kit

money with an S.U.R. & R. Quick-Fit Flexible Fuel Line Set . The ready-to-install lines work for professional mechanics and do-it-yourself users in model year vehicles 2004-2010. The fully-assembled lines (feed and EVAP) are pre-cut to length and include pre-attached connectors and mounting hardware. Corrosion-resistant nylon line material is covered by an abrasion-resistant sleeve that helps protect against harmful road debris.

The lines are pressure-rated up to 200 PSI and are safe for use with gasoline, ethanol and diesel engine systems.

“With the age of vehicles continuing to go up, averaging more than 12 years according to recent statistics, we are committed to delivering solutions that keep them going for the long haul,” said Bob Joy, the company’s national sales manager. “The Quick-Fit Flexible Fuel Line Sets are an affordable, installer-friendly solution to keep older GM trucks rolling even longer.”

Application-Specific Lines Fit Numerous Chevrolet and GMC Truck Models (2004-2010)

To locate an authorized S.U.R.&R. seller in your area, please call 1.800.390.3996, 330.745.3300

  • Fully-assembled feed and EVAP lines plus mounting hardware included
  • Abrasion-resistant sleeve protects lines from  harmful road debris
  • More affordable and easier to install than OEM lines
  • Safe for use with gas, ethanol, and diesel
  • Long-lasting nylon line pressure-rated up to
    200 PSI
  • Simple product to specify, select and manage
    (3 SKUs replace 9 OEM SKUs)
fuel line kits for chevrolet and gmc

Click on the image to download the fitment chart

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