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Reported case of Kia stolen after software upgrade

Kia owner alleges vehicle stolen AFTER anti-theft software was installed

Source: Devin Bartolotta / Eyewitness News (WWL) Published: 10:16 PM CDT May 15, 2023
First case of Kia stolen after security software upgrade reported in New Orleans

Updated Kia Optima stolen and totalled

New Orleans resident Taylor Rose’s 2020 Kia Optima was stolen in the early morning hours on April 15, 2023. Rose had just had her Kia’s software updated to the latest Kia anti-theft software at Premier Kia of Kenner.

The stolen vehicle was found. But photos from the police show major damage to the car’s front end and a missing rear window. The steering column was ripped apart, both airbags were deployed, there was live ammunition in the center console, and the photo shows a USB port tapped into the steering column and another cord in the dashboard.

The service order from Premier Kia shows the job was completed, and the car was ready for pickup Friday afternoon.

Questions about the software update

The stolen and damaged Kia has since been recovered and Kia is investigating to ensure the software update was properly installed by the dealer. If it was properly installed, then Kia will have to find out how the thieves were able to bypass the software fix.

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