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Reset Nissan Tire Pressure Light

Reset Nissan Tire Pressure Light Tip

If your Nissan tire pressure light comes on or flashes, here’s the best way to refill your tires and reset the tire pressure light at the same time.

Start by turning the IGN switch to the OFF position. Then turn back to ON. If the tire pressure warning light comes back on, but is not flashing, the system is operating normally but is sensing at least one tire that’s low on air. However, if the tire pressure light is flashing, the system has detected a fault that won’t be fixed simply by filling the tires with air.

Fill Nissan tires and reset tire pressure light at the same time

Most owners shut off their vehicles will refilling their tires. If you do that on a Nissan vehicle, you’ll have to drive it for a while afterwards to get the light to go out. However, on 2009 and later Nissan vehicles you can skip that step. Simply leave the IGN switch in the ON position while you refill your tires.

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