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Rethreading tap and die set set

Rethreading tap and die set set

Let’s face it, if you’re working on cars you’re going to run into stripped threads. Regular taps and dies are designed to cut new threads in fresh metal. But RETHREADING taps and dies are different. Their teeth are designed to reset existing threads and put them back in shape. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to rely on mine. They’ve saved my butt a lot. The kit now only comes with the most popular taps and dies, but also thread files. If you’ve never used a thread file, now’s the time to get with the program. Just match the thread pitch to the file and literally pretend you’re filing new metal. The file teeth engage in the fastener threads and straighten them out. I just used these to straight out threads on a new ball joint stud. The threads got goobered up as it went into the control arm and I couldn’t get the nut on. In fact, as soon as I started turning the nut, the entire ball stud started rotating. Just a few seconds of filing and the messed up threads were straight again. You need this set.

Or, if you just want a cheap tap and die set and don’t want to spend the money for rethreaders, try this kit.

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