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Rough idle Ford Focus hesitation surge

Fix rough idle hesitation surge Ford Focus

TSB 07-10-7

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 07-10-7 to address problems with a rough idle, rolling idle, or induction backfire on 2003-04 Ford Focus SVT models. They may also exhibit a hesitation or surge at a steady cruising speed. The problems usually occur after a cold start. Ford has identified one source for these problems. Direct your attention to the clamps at the intake manifold. Poor intake clamp sealing can cause separation at the rubber boots. Start by inspecting the clamps to see if they are loose, mis-positioned, or separated. If they are not, this repair will not fix the problem. If they are, remove the fuel rail and the fuel injectors. Make sure no dirt enters the now open ports. Replace the lower O rings on each injector. Next, release the eight hooking clips that clamp the rubber boots to the manifold. Then unhook the clamp to completely open and remove from the boot. Obtain new clamps W525939-S300 from the dealer. Unscrew the new worm drive clamps and open them into a C shape. Fit the new clamps onto the boots in the same place as the hooking clamps. Tighten and torque the new clamps to 35 INCH/lbs. Reinstall the fuel rail and injectors.
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