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rough idle noise

Fix a rattling noise during idle on a Taurus or Sable

If you own a 2002-03 Taurus/Sable and have a rough idle noise or hear a booming noise, this may be the fix.

Models with build dates between 4-01-02 and 10-01-02 (to find the build date of your vehicle look at the decal posted on the driver’s door pillar or the driver’s door. The rough idle noise booming noise and rough idle described in this bulletin only happens when the A/C is on and outside temps are 80° or higher. The problem is an out-of-balance fan blade. To nail down this diagnosis, perform this test: If the engine is not making the noise when you inspect it, disconnect the coolant temperature sensor connector and start the engine. When the engine computer sees the loss of temp input, it will command the fans to go into high-speed mode (that’s considered a fail-safe mode in the event of a bum temperature sensor). If you then hear the noise or vibration, you’ve isolated the problem. But there are two cooling fans. To determine which one is at fault, touch the shroud of each fan near where the fan mounts to the radiator support. Here are the replacement part numbers for each fan: 3F1Z-8C607-HA (Right) and 3F1Z-8C607-GA (Left). Left and right are always viewed from the driver’s seat.


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