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Replace sagging Mazda CX7 visor

How to replace a sagging Mazda CX7 visor

The visors on Mazda CX7s have a tendency to droop down into your field of vision as you drive. If you find yourself constantly pushing the visor back up, it’s time for a new one. You can find a new Mazda CX7 visor online at a discount from many Mazda dealers. Mine cost $125

Remove and install new Mazda CX7 visor

Turn the visor to the driver’s window (or passenger window if you’re working on that side).

Remove the screw from the visor pivot

replace mazda cx7 visor

Tilt the front of the visor pivot down and push forward so the hook can clear the opening

unhook mazda visor
Disconnect the electrical connector on the Mazda visor

disconnect electrical connector on mazda visor

Then connect the electrical connector from the new visor

electrical connector on mazda visor
Slide the hook into the opening and secure new Mazda CX7 visor with screw

new Mazda CX7 visor


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