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Run flat tires — repairable?

Are run flat tires repairable?

If you experience a failure in your run flat tires, you must consult the tire manufacturer’s guidelines to see if they’re repairable. Do not take the tire shop’s word for it.

“Run-flat tires have a very thick, stiff compound injected into the sidewall. If there has been a separation between the layers, the tire dealer may not be able to detect it until the tire has a second case of low pressure causing the run flat tire to fail. That can leave you stranded or you may experience a rapid air loss and loss of control.

Michelin Tire’s Position on repairing run flat tires

Michelin North America Inc. allows its run-flat tires (Zero Pressure) to be repaired, but only under certain guidelines. However, if Michelin run flat tires are installed on a BMW vehicle, the repair is not allowed as per the BMW owner’s manual.

Pirelli Tire’s Position on repairing run flat tires

Pirelli Tire states that their run flat tires should never be repaired.

Yokohama Tire’s Position on repairing run flat tires

Yokohama ZPS run-flat tires are not to be repaired following a puncture “or other tire disablement.”

In a statement from Yokahama, they state, “ZPS run-flat tires are covered by the Yokohama standard limited warranty that provides for tire replacement under specified conditions. “Your ZPS tire will be replaced on a prorated basis based on remaining tread depth when the tire has been damaged due to a tread area puncture within the repairable area and limits defined by (USTMA).”

Continental Tire’s Position on repairing run flat tires

Continental does not recommend repair on any SSR (Self Supporting Runflat) tires. In a statement, the company explains, “Even a trained tire specialist may be unable to recognize internal structural damage to a Self Supporting Runflat (SSR) tire resulting from having been driven in an under inflated or zero pressure condition. Such damage may not be visible on the surface of the inner liner or sidewall, making it impossible to determine the tire suitability for repair. Continental does not recommend any repair to Continental SSR tires. ”

Bridgestone Tire’s Position on repairing run flat tires

Bridgestone states that “Under certain circumstances, run-flat tires can be repairable,”

However, repairing the original equipment run-flat tires on a BMW isn’t an option, per its owner’s manual.

Run flat tires mounted on EH2 extended bump bead seats

These special wheels are often used on BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity, Toyota, Audi and other vehicles.

The design of the EH2 wheel makes it much more difficult to service the tire because the extended bump bead seat helps the deflated tires stay on the wheel if it’s punctured. EH2 (and EH2+) wheels provide the bead retention characteristics desired by car companies. In other words, they help extend run-flat operating distances, particularly at reduced loads. It’s that same extended bump that makes it so hard to service. A run flat tire is already stiffer than a normal tire and the extended bump makes it that much harder to dismount. As a result, the tire must be pushed even further down to be in the drop center for demounting or mounting.
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