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Saturn Relay won’t start or is hard to start

No start hard start condition Saturn Relay

If you own a 2005-07 Saturn Relay minivan and experience hard starting or can’t start it at all, this may be the fix for you. In addition, you may experience an inoperative fuel gauge, along with a check engine, ABS, TCS, Service Traction System, or All Wheel Drive Disabled warning light(s).

It may appear your vehicle is possessed. But there is a common link with all these problems. You’ll find it at connector C305 located on the floor under the driver’s seat. Open the connector and look for corrosion. If you see any, find out where the water is coming from and fix that first. Then treat the electrical connections with an anti-corrosion cleaner and coat with dielectric grease. If that doesn’t work, replace the connector. If the connectors are spread, don’t try to bend them. Instead buy a terminal replacement kit and replace each one.


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