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Serpentine belt noise Ford Super Duty

Fix Serpentine belt noise Ford Super Duty

If you own a 2008-09 F-Series Super Duty pickup truck with the 6.4L diesel and encounter a serpentine belt noise that sounds like a chirp or squeal, after an extended soak (usually overnight) this may be the fix.

Ford has determined that the serpentine belt noise is caused by belt slippage on serpentine belt Ford Super Dutyvarious pulleys. If you have a 2008 truck built on or before 11/9/07 with both single and dual alternators, replace the idler pulley with this new part: 7C3Z-8678-B. If yours is a 2008-09 a single alternator, replace the serpentine drive belt made with an improved noise-resistant rubber compound, part #AC3Z-8620-A.

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