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Service Stability Traction

Fix GM vehicle with Service Stability Traction light on

GM has issued a service bulletin  #PIT5171D to address a Service Stability Traction issue where the trouble code is for ABS Rear Wheel Speed Chassis Expansion And High Speed Bus Communication Fault . The bulletin affects the vehicles listed below and covers trouble codes: With Any Combination of DTC’s U0073 U0074 U1826 U1827 U18A2 U0125 C0196 C0287 C0186

C056D C0045 C0050 Symptom 00 06 3B 4A 4B 5A 39 42 54 71

2010 – 2015 Chevrolet Equinox

2010 – 2015 GMC Terrain

The Service Stability Traction warning may appear on the Driver’s Information Center and may be intermittent. The full message may read: Service Traction/Stability, ABS indicator or Service All wheel Drive. When scanned, the computer may show any of the following trouble codes: U0125 00 U0074 00U0073 and or wheel speed sensor C0045 C0050 symptom 06 DTCs.

Or, the scan tool may reveal other digital bus codes such as U0125 U0126 C0196 SYM 5A C0710 SYM 5A or no communication with (RDM) Rear Differential Module.

GM has identified a wire break issue

GM has discovered a possible pattern failure that’s

service stability traction

Evidence of wire that
s been chewed by rodents

causing the problem. An internal wire break inside the wiring harness insulation going to the X411. The wire break may be caused by rodents. The location is in the left rear under the vehicle.

Inspect the harness

Remove the tape and conduit from the wire harness for inspection upstream from the X411 connector.

abs light on

Check wires before the connector

Then, inspect the wire harness insulation within 1 inch before and after the connector. Look for chewed up conduit or insulation discoloration at one spot on the wire. If you find discoloration, pull on the wire. If that’s the location of the problem, the wire will break.

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