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Should I use belt dressing

Belt dressing and belt squeals and chirps

If you’re thinking about using belt dressing to stop belt squeal and chirps, DON’T. It’ll stop the noise for a while. But belt dressing is nothing more than a sticky adhesive. Yes, it helps the belt grip better, but that same adhesive picks up road grit that’ll pick up road grit and destroy the belt and wear out your pulleys. It NEVER solves the root cause of the belt squeal or chirp.

Don’t use belt dressing. Find the real cause of belt squeal and chirp

So what’s the real fix? Belts squeal and chirp because:

1) the belt is worn or glazed
2) the belt is too loose or too tight. If you have an automatic tensioner, the only fix is to replace the tensioner. I’ll explain how to test it below.
3) an idler pulley is presenting resistance and not turning as fast as the belt
4) One of the drive units is out of alignment

Locate the belt noise

serpentive belt tensioner, belt dressing, belt squeals, belt chirps

Automatic Belt Tensioner

How to diagnose belt noise.


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