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Sliding door wont close Caravan

My Sliding door wont close

2008 Dodge Caravan, Grand Caravan, Grand Voyager, Town & Country

Chrysler has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 08-011-08 to address problems with the sliding doors on minivans shown above. The problem occurs when the user attempts to close the door using the power mechanism. The power door may not close or may reverse when using the key fob or the switches in the vehicle. The problem is intermittent. There will be no obvious obstruction. The door will close fine when operated manually. If the door slows down at a certain point during a power close, the system incorrectly interprets this as an obstruction and reverses the door. Obviously in this case the obstruction detection threshold is overly sensitive. Chrysler has developed new software to correct the problem. If you encounter this problem and you’ve already checked the track mechanism for obstructions and find it clear and well lubricated, take the vehicle to the dealer and have them upgrade the software. You will have to pay for the upgrade, but the labor time for this procedure is listed as just .3 hours, so it won’t be a very expensive fix.

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