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Slow filling fuel tank Ford Escape Mariner

Why does it take so long to fill gas tank Ford Escape Mariner

Some Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner may experience Slow filling fuel tank when the weather is cold. The symptoms and cause are different than the other slow fuel filling problem mentioned here. You may or may not also have a trouble code P0451 when experiencing this problem. A frozen fuel filler vent line is usually the cause.

To fix the problem shorten and re-route the vent line. Remove the gas cap. Jack up the vehicle and remove the left rear wheel. Disconnect the fuel filler pipe mounting screws. Then pull the filler pipe away from the wheel well so you can get access to the vent line. Cut the plastic straps holding the vent line to the fuel filler tube. Pull the vent tube loose all the way down to under the vehicle.

Remove the vent cap from the end of the line. This cap prevents spiders from building nests inside the vent. Start at the open end of the vent line and measure back 12-in. Cut the vent line at that point and toss the 13-in. piece. Re-install the vent cap and route the line so it’s between the tank lip and the underbody. Push the vent cap end of the tubing into the alignment hole between the subframe and body section. Secure the line with zip ties. Re-install the filler pipe to tank and tighten the mounting screws. Install the wheel and gas cap

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