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Squealing noise Toyota

Fix a squealing noise on a Toyota

If you drive a 2001-04 Camry, Highlander, Solara, or an ’04 RAV4 and you have a squealing noise or rattle coming from the engine compartment, this may solve your problem.

Toyota says the squealing noise usually happens when the engine is cold and that the issue is the automatic belt tensioner used in these 2AZ-FE engines. They have redesigned the part to eliminate the squealing noise. The new part number is 16620-28011. If your vehicle is still under warranty or extended warranty, you may get coverage for the part and labor. Read the fine print on your policy to see if it disclaims coverage for squeals. Sometimes a contract may exclude coverage for rattles, so make sure you describe the noise as a squeal and make sure your warranty company understands that Toyota has a Technical Service Bulletin on this part.


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